Atari Jaguar Game Cartridge Iron Soldier – Used

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Atari Jaguar Game Cartridge Iron Soldier – Used – Cartridge Only – See Images

Iron Soldier is a simulation based on operating a giant combat robot. The first-person style perspective shows your view from within the robot as you march through skyscraper filled cities or through open countryside. You control the direction and speed of the robot, change your view by moving its head, and select and fire weapons. There are six different locations to mount weapons on your robot. Your arsenal can include a 75mm rifle, grenades, gattling gun, rockets, and a giant chainsaw-like cutter. Your opposition includes helicopters, tanks, attack planes, rocket launchers and gun turrets. Also beware of enemy Iron Soldier units. Power-ups are found in crates that are hidden in buildings. The goal is to complete a series of missions featuring a variety of terrain, enemies, and objectives.

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