BANDAI Spanish Pokemon Kleavor V-Astro Collectible card game box EAN: 820650503115

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Spanish Pokemon Kleavor V-Astro Collectible card game box

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Spanish. Kleavor is ready to swing his arms through the trees and hack his way into your deck with the Pokémon TCG Kleavor V-ASTRO Premium Collection. This powerful Pokémon comes in the form of Pokémon V and Pokémon V-ASTRO on embossed holographic promo cards. These Fighting-type Pokémon will have your opponents on their toes. Kleavor Vs Axe Slash attack deals a respectable 150 damage, but requires you to discard an Energy attached to it. Luckily, your opponent must also discard an Energy from its Active Pokémon. Thats an axe to grind! Kleavor V evolves into Kleavor V-ASTRO, whose Axe Strike attack does 120 damage to your opponents Active Pokémon and another 60 damage to one of its Benched V Pokémon. And, if youve already lost any Pokémon along the way, unleash Kleavor V-ASTROs V-ASTRO Power, Astro Onslaught, to deal another 30 damage for each Pokémon in your discard pile. A devastating attack for your opponent when used at the right time. In addition to these two incredible cards, this set also contains an oversized holographic card, a collectors pin, an acrylic V-ASTRO marker, and five Pokémon TCG upgrade packs. With such swag, youll be able to join Kleavor V-ASTRO in its onslaught.



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