Icepure Water Filter Refrigerator Replacement Bosch/Siemens/Miele Rwf3100A


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With this water filter you can enjoy the taste of pure water. The filter reduces toxins like chloride and heavy metals and other materials that can affect the taste like lime. These filters are most commonly used in refrigerators with a water tap and ice maker. To ensure a properly working filter you should replace it every six months. The filter is NSF approved.

Compatible with:

Balay UltraClarity Waterfilter.

Bosch: KAD62 series: KAD62A70: KAD62P90: KAD62S20: KAD62S50: KAD62V00: KAD62V40: KAD62V50: KAD62V70: KAD62xxx

Miele: F1411Vi: F1471Vi: F1811Vi: F1911Vi: KF1801Vi: KF1811Vi: KF1901Vi: KF1911V

Gaggenau: RB 491: RF 411: RF 413: RF 461: RF 463: RF 471: RY 491

Siemens: KA62, KA59 series: CI36BP00: FI24DP00: FI24NP30: KA62DP90: KA62DS20: KA62DS50: KA62DV70: KA62xxxx

NEFF: K5930/K5920 series: K5920L0: K5920xx: K5930D0: K5930xx: K5950N0

Balay: 3FAL4655

644845: 9000 225 170: UltraClarity: 9000 077 095: 9000 077 096: WFS-001: VIB-Z4500W0: 9000733786: EFF-6025A: RFC3100A: 740560, 00740560: Filter Logic FFL-110B