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Koza Dereza Ukrainian Hand Made Decorations

Angel with a unicorn
Size: 13*9.5*2.5 cm
Weight: 17 gram

The toy is made of natural fabrics, filled with polyester, covered with a vanilla solution, the aroma remains for about six months. Painting is made by hand of Ternopil artists using high-quality acrylic paints.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg


Koza Dereza of Ukraine

The idea of ​​creating a workshop belongs to Viktoriya Kolodiy – Ternopil resident, a physician, a mother of three children. In anticipation of the birth of her younger son, Victoriya was creating a shirt, and she has so penetrated the study of Ukrainian ornaments and traditions, which gave her a thrilling impetus to change her career. A year later, Koza Dereza presented its Ukrainian collection of traditional clothes and decoration. In 2009, appeared the first store in Ternopil, where Viktoriya saw that people were also interested in Ukrainian souvenirs, but they could only choose from Chinese goods or vulgar primitiveness. Viktoriya really wanted to make a beautiful thing with its own history and content which could take a worthy place in every home. In some time, she started to attract designers, artists, dressmakers and embroiderers and set up the work of manufactory. In 2012, the output came to the nationwide market, and from 2015 the husband of Victoria – Yaroslav Kolodiy joined the team and started to promote the company abroad. About the progress story A fairly resolute, but justifiable step was the participation in the Christmas Worldwide International Exhibition in Frankfurt am Main in the same year. The exhibition, where the manufactory takes part till now. Since 2016 Koza Dereza is a member of the most prestigious world exhibitions of décor: Maison Objet in Paris, TopDrawer in London and Atlanta. In 2017 branded stores were opened in historic parts of Lviv and Krakow. In 2018, the workshop is recognized internationally. The first time in history, the Ukrainian producer was selected by experts of Messe Frankfurt and was recognized as a world trend, moreover, some of the products hit the trend of the Christmasworld zone, which is the fashion trendsetter in the world of Christmas toys. About the product All ours products are unique. The world around us is changing, new demands from society appear for a gift, cloth and decor, therefore, and using folk traditions, we give them a more modern sound – so our products could be understood not only by ethnographers and connoisseurs of authenticity but also by ordinary people in Ukraine or abroad. Ethnographers, historians and art critics work with us, we find the inspiration in expositions of ethnographic museums, we use scientific sources. Therefore, every product has a history which is briefly reflected in bilingual Ukrainian-English labels. About ecology All processes of products creation take place in our workshop, which guarantees the high quality of products, compliance with standards and timely execution of orders. All processes of the painting are made only by hand with high-quality paints which do not crack on the surface, and with sparkles which do not crumble over time. Toys have not only a flawless look, but also they are completely safe after all our products have international eco-certification. Our products become a collection and a heritage.