MARVO SCORPION M315 + G1 Gaming Combo PRECISION AND COMFORT Dedicated to those who want to discover the universe of PC games, the M315 comes equipped with a competitive optical sensor that provides a resolution of 2400 DPI, sufficient for any scenario. Thus speed and precision are ensured to safely explore the virtual worlds. DESIGNED FOR GAMING The sensitivity can be adjusted in 3 steps by simply pressing the conveniently located button just next to the scroll wheel. Thus, depending on the situation in the game, you can adjust your accuracy in a dynamic and fast way. Moreover, the integrated lighting system uses 3 colors (red, yellow and green) for immediate visualization of the active sensitivity. Need extra firepower? No problem! The M315 offers you a special function button that allows you to execute two left-click commands with a single push of a button. ERGONOMIC AND RELIABILE Thanks to its ergonomic sculpted shape, the M315 fits perfectly into the hands of any right-handed gamer. Additionally, the use of contacts with an estimated lifetime of 3 million clicks guarantees the use of the mouse for a long time. STABILITY AND CONTROL The dense textile surface characteristic of the G1 mousepad included, offers an optimal level of control and precision in games. The rubber base ensures a firm fixation on the desk for excellent stability, and the thickness of only 3 mm contributes decisively to the comfort in use. Model M315 + G1 Gaming Combo Sensor Type Optical Sensitivity 800 / 1200 / 1600 dpi Buttons 7 Integrated Memory No LED Lighting 7 Colours Connection USB 2.0 Cable Length 1.5m Switch Rating 3 million clicks Compatibility Windows XP or newer Mouse Pad Dimensions 287 x 244 x 3 mm



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Weight1.95 kg