Core/Memory Boost Clock / Game Clock / Base Clock / Memory Speed Boost: up to 1925 MHz / Game: 1815 MHz / Base: 1670 MHz /14Gbps 8GB GDDR6 DisplayPort x 3 / HDMI x 1 TORX Fan 3.0 Dispersion fan blade: Steep curved blade accelerating the airflow Traditional fan blade: Provides steady airflow to massive heat sink below Afterburner Overclocking Utility Kombustor: The latest DirectX versions benchmark supporting. Predator: In-game video recording. AMD Radeon FreeSync Synchronizes the display refresh to your Radeon RX Series GPU for the fast, smooth gaming. Great gaming experiences are created by bending the rules. The all new RDNA powered Radeon RX 5700 series for exceptional performance and High-fidelity gaming. Take control with Radeon RX 5700 series and experience powerful, accelerated gaming customized for you. GAME FIDELITY ACCELERATED High-performance RDNA architecture was engineered to greatly enhance features like Radeon Image Sharpening, FidelityFX, and VR technologies3 for maximum performance and jaw-dropping gaming experiences. IMMERSIVE GAMING DYNAMICS Get the competitive advantage with dramatically reduced input lag with Radeon Anti-Lag, get stutter-free, tear-free gaming with AMD Radeon FreeSync1 technology, and the latest Radeon Software for incredibly responsive and insanely immersive gameplay. THE NEW GAMING RDNA ARCHITECTURE Radeon RX 5700 series features new compute units, new instructions better suited for visual effects, and multi-level cache hierarchy for greatly reduced latency and highly responsive gaming. UPGRADED DESIGN FOR COOLER PERFORMANCE The upgraded MECH series feature an imposing appearance and enhanced cooling performance, bringing the temperature down 11% more compared to the reference cooling. TORX FAN 3.0 A brand new version of the iconic MSI TORX fan pushes the limits of thermal performance yet further than before. The new trims clearly visible on the traditional fan blade create a focused airflow which in turn is pushed down by the dispersion fan blades for increased static pressure. COOLING STARTS AT THE BASE 6mm copper heatpipes with an optimized layout increase the cooling efficiency using a direct contact design. THERMAL PADDING Ample amounts of thermal pads are used to allow various components to transfer heat to the heatsink for better cooling. STRONG BACKPLATE A sturdy backplate helps to strengthen the graphics card and complements the design to look even better. DRAGON CENTER Dragon Center will be the only MSI software you need to install for full functionality of your MSI Desktop, Graphics Card, Motherboard or even Gaming Gear. Thanks to a modular concept, the application will automatically detect new MSI hardware once added. Based on the hardware in your system it will offer the relevant software drivers for your specific setup. PREPARE FOR VR WITH MSI To experience and enjoy the impressive world of Virtual Reality, high-performance hardware is required. MSI, world leading brand in high-end gaming and eSports, provides the right advice to make sure your system is VR Ready. Integrating the very best of cutting edge technologies in recommended MSI VR gaming hardware for smooth performance. Together with our VR partners, MSI brings gamers an extremely realistic VR experience where games come alive. Specifications Model Name Radeon RX 5700 XT MECH OC Graphics Processing Unit Radeon RX 5700 XT Interface PCI Express 4.0 Core Name NAVI 10 XT Core Clocks Boost: up to 1925 MHz Game: 1815 MHz Base: 1670 MHz Memory Speed 14Gbps Memory 8GB GDDR6 Memory Bus 256-bit Output DisplayPort x 3 (v1.4) / HDMI 2.0b x 1 HDCP Support 2.2 Power Consumption 225 W Power Connectors 8-pin x 1+ 6-pin x 1 Recommended PSU 750 W Card Dimensions 232 x 126 x 46 mm Weight (Card/Package) 794g / 1237g Afterburner OC Yes DirectX Version Support 12 OpenGL Version Support 4.5 Multi-GPU Technology Crossfire, 2-Way (Bridgeless)(DX12) Maximum Displays 4 VR Ready Yes Digital Maximum Resolution 7680×4320



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