Phobya Shroud & Decoupling 140Mm (7Mm Thick), Mounting Frame (Black) Pn 38205


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Phobya Phobya Shroud & decoupling 140mm 7mm 38205

The Phobya Shroud & Decoupling 140mm (7mm thick) is a combo product that both reduces the volume and improves the cooling performance. Water coolers and air coolers can improve the performance of the calculator with this product. The 7 mm thick hard rubber material separates the fan and housing from each other. This vibration-free suspension of the case fans reduces the volume enormously, because the self-oscillation of the fans, these also move parts of the housing in motion, which can be very loud in the long term.

Type mounting frame
colour black
EAN 4049469107642
Manufacturer no. 38205
Area Frame / slot
Usage decoupling
Suitable for for case fans
number of Parts 1-part
material rubber
characteristics reduces the volume