Thermaltake Tt Dual 24Pin Adapter Cable Ac-005-Cnonan-P1


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Thermaltake TT Dual 24Pin Adapter Cable AC-005-CNONAN-P1 The new Thermaltake Dual PSU 24pin adapter cable has two high-quality connectors to connect two power supplies to a single motherboard. The Dual 24pin adapter cable is easy to connect to two power supplies. If you need a higher power from your power supply, you do not have to replace it, but simply plug in a second one to cover the high current requirement (eg for several graphics cards). The Dual 24Pin adapter cable is perfect for Cryptocurrency Mining Builds and Next Generation Gaming.

Type Y-cable
Colour black red
EAN 4717964397034
Manufacturer no. AC-005-P1 CNONAN
example Connects 2 power supplies to 1 mainboard
Area power supply
connection from 2x 24-pin main connector (female)
  on 1x 24-pin main connector (plug)
taps 3
characteristics internally