Sigg Aluminum Kbt Bella Unicorn 0.4 Liter, Water Bottle Pn:8625.90 Ean:7610465862599

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The Bella Unicorn drinking bottle from SIGG is unique and infinitely pretty, just completely unicorn. Designed entirely in pink, it is the favorite of countless little admirers. Even if you can only catch sight of it on this bottle. The high-quality, reusable aluminum drinking bottle is super easy to transport and is therefore equally suitable for school and leisure activities. The material is free of harmful substances such as estrogen-active substances and phthalates – for safe drinking enjoyment. In addition, the leak-proof children’s cap enables carefree transport, even when things are like in the land of fantasy!


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TypeDrinking bottle
Manufacturer no.8625.90
Application areaOutdoor, camping, kitchen
sizeCapacity400 ml

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