Televés” “OMNINOVA BOSS antenna (LTE700, 2nd Digital Dividend)” “144422
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Televés” “OMNINOVA BOSS antenna (LTE700, 2nd Digital Dividend)” “144422

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OMNINOVA BOSS antenna (LTE700, 2nd Digital Dividend)” “144422

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Omnidirectional intelligent antenna that does not require pointing

Antenna with a 360º reception capability (omnidirectional), therefore, there is no need to point again the antenna when changing location.
It is perfect for DTT reception in moving facilities (ships, campers…) for short stays.
The BOSSTech system automatically controls the level of the received signal (either very high or very low) to always provide optimal output
level. The new design using TForce technology makes this intelligent device even more versatile.

Provided with a full installation kit consisting of:
• 12V PicoKom power supply unit (Ref. 579401)
• Current inyector for battery connection (Ref. 7450)
• Straight bracket for antenna installation
• Connectors: 3xF (ref. 4171xx) and 1xIEC (ref. 4130)
• Screws with assembly wrench for mast mounting

RED compliant

Main features
• Robust versatile structure:
– Weather resistant: The radome is highly resistant to salinity, humidity and other adverse weather
conditions (IP 53).
– The base has a tube compatible with masts up to 30mm diameter.
– The base was designed to protect and hide the coaxial cable inside the mast or the bracket.
• 360º reception for multiple bands: Pointing is not required: BI, FM, BIII, and UHF.
• Low power consumption in intelligent mode
• LTE-Ready: equipped with LTE filters to avoid mobile phone signals caused by the use of 5G/4G devices in the
• Two operation modes:
– In intelligent mode (with antenna feeding), BOSS provides automatic control to correct signal fluctuations
and maintain optimal output signal level
– In passive mode (without power supply), the signal goes through
• Quick and easy mounting. Furthermore, they can bebought as a kit, including all the accessories required for



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