Triax” “MFA 671 UHF AMP LTE 700 17dB” “340671
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Triax” “MFA 671 UHF AMP LTE 700 17dB” “340671

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MFA 671 UHF AMP LTE 700 17dB” “340671

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MFA 671 – UHF – mast amplifier

The TRIAX MFA 671 is a single input UHF (Ch. 21–48) low noise, highly RF-shielded mast amplifier within a modern Anthracite plastic housing for mounting at the antenna mast or under the roof.
The MFA 671 amplifier has a built-in LTE filter to effectively suppress LTE downstream signals above Ch. 48 (from 694 MHz) and is capable of sustaining strong input signals of more than 95 dBµV from the antenna without overloading.
The amplifier is easy, quick and safely mounted by means of the cable binder which can be detached again from the mast without any problems.
Wall mounting is also possible. Cables are mounted by means of F-connectors.
The amplifier is voltage fed through the output.
The power supply range (5-24 VDC) together with an exceptional ripple suppression, makes it ideal to be supplied with 5 Volt from a DVB-T receiver, TV set or from an external 5-24 Volt DC Power Supply.



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