Wera screwdriver set Big Pack 900 05133285001
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Wera screwdriver set Big Pack 900 05133285001

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MPN: 5133285001 EAN: 4013288176349

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The Wera screwdriver set Big Pack 900 consists of 13 parts, it contains Phillips, slotted, Pozidriv and Torx screwdrivers. Thanks to the integrated impact cap to increase the service life and reduce the risk of splinters, the screwdriver can also be used as a screw chisel. With the multi-component Kraftform handle developed by Wera, the whole hand comes into contact with the handle. The smooth, hard zones slide through your hand like wheels when you change your grip and enable particularly high working speeds. The non-slip, soft zones are ideal contact surfaces for the hand and enable high power transmission. Even higher torques can be transmitted with an open-end or ring spanner via the integrated hexagon socket on the blade. The screwdriver set is supplied with two racks, which can be attached to the wall. This ensures proper storage and quick access.

Type screwdriver
colour black yellow
EAN 4013288176349
Manufacturer no. 05133285001
number of Parts 13 pieces
Tools included screwdriver
Included profiles Inside TORX T, cross recess (PH), cross recess Pozidriv (PZ), slot
material stole
Screwdriver round handle 1 piece
slot 0.6 x 3.5
Screwdriver round handle with hexagon neck 13 pieces (with striking cap)
Phillips (PH) PH 1 / PH 2 / PH 3
Phillips (PZ) PZ 1 / PZ 2 / PZ 3
slot 0.6 x 3.5 / 0.8 x 4.5 / 1 x 5.5 / 1.2 x 7 / 1.6 x 9
TORX T 20 / T 25
container Wall mounting rack
Area of ​​application House, workshop, car
weight 2 kg



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